​Toledo Food Share Pantry

Amazon Smile! 

Amazon has a new program where Amazon customers can choose to support the non-profit of their choice! If you are interested in a way to donate to our charity you can choose to have your purchases benefit the Toledo Food Share Pantry. 

Log into your Amazon account to have your purchases benefit your local food pantry!

Each and every one of our volunteers! We are so blessed to have each of you as part of the Toledo Food Share Pantry. You all do excellent jobs, and we are forever grateful for everything you do. It is a privilege to have you serve alongside us. You truly make a difference in the lives we touch. Thank-you for your time, energy, and generosity.

Responsible Reporting and Transparency 

Toledo Food Share Pantry strongly supports and advocates responsible reporting and transparency. We believe that responsible reporting is essential to positive corporate citizenship. In our efforts to maintain open and ethical communications and operations for all, in regards to our 501c3, we assure diligence to our responsible corporate financial reporting.

Let’s put an end to hunger in Toledo, Oregon!

City of Toledo

Trinity United Methodist Church

St. John's Episcopal Church

We offer a big gracious thank you to Fred Meyers and everyone in the community who is reaching out to us in such a BIG way!

J.C. Market in Toledo has been our principal sponsor in the collection of local food. There is no way to fully express our gratitude to their continual and monumental efforts toward our cause. 

Please click the image on the left to learn more about J.C. Market!

Thank you J.C. Market for being so active in your community! We see the impact your donations make, and it is something to celebrate!

Partners in our cause!

The Methodist Thrift Shop in Toledo has been in operation since the mid-1950's. It has since grown into a clothing, household items, small household appliances and gift store. It is run strictly by volunteer staff. Exceptional donated items are sold at a very reasonable prices, enabling those in need to purchase gently used and outstanding products. 

In 2013, the shop did well enough to put $10,000 back into our community. Helping non-profits and community orientated organizations. The Methodist Thrift Shop is lovingly referred to by many as the "Toledo Boutique". 

We are proud to be a part of the Food Share of Lincoln County. Together with the other pantries in the county our actions and efforts are positively impacting lives by fighting hunger!

Please click the picture on the left to go to the Food Share of Lincoln County's website.

For a current list of pantries in the county, click this button!